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  A colloquium on the interpretation of Article 1 of the Geneva Refugee Convention in the European Union and North America,
the free movement of asylum seekers and the processing of asylum claims.
  InterAction - Refugees
  Migration and settlement services
  Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) is an agency of the Australian Government
  Refugee Voices
  Refugee Voices is a US-based nonprofit organization that promotes public understanding of refugees in the United States
and facilitates the ability of US citizens to get involved with refugees in their local communities.
  Refugees International
  The Committee for Helping Refugees and Forced Migrants in Russia
  Civic Assistance
  The International Refugee Center of Oregon
  The Journal of Refugee Studies
  The Journal of Refugee Studies World Wide Web.
  The New UNHCR World Wide Web site
  The REFUGEE Network
  The Scottish Refugee Council
  An ongoing dialogue with people forced to flee persecution in their homeland.

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