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Automation of Vocation Information Centers

This application was developed to cover the needs (in automation and data processing) of the Centers for Vocational Information (C.V.I.) of the Municipalities of Aegaleo, Ano Liossia, Argyroupolis, Peristeri, Helioupolis and Ymittos. These Centers were established in the context of the Community initiative EUROFORM. This initiative is aimed at the promotion of vocational training and the support of employment in combination with the introduction of new technologies.

EUROFORM supports actions undertaken by transnational collaboration, in order to ensure the transfer of know how and experience, regarding training programs, utilizing of the technological media leading to the faster adaptation of the employed and the businesses to the new conditions and prospects of the European Union.

The Centers has the following objectives:

The Center, at regular intervals, conducts market research, organizes meetings with the area businessmen of the 6 Municipalities, in order to explore their needs in specialized personnel, to be informed by them on the market trends but also to provide direction on the prospects at national and european level regarding the job market and the new technologies.

The objective of the C.V.I. (as mentioned above) is the creation of a network with the area businesses, so that their needs are recorded according to specialties and personnel and to promote solutions in order to find the properly trained human resources.

Every business completes (assisted by the competent employee at the Center) a set of forms in which the activity, the capacity and the goals of the business are shown. The data from the forms (via special recording forms are entered in the Data Base of the Center and are monitored constantly.

Respectively, those interested in employment complete special forms where essentially their curriculum vitae is coded.

Every company may notify to the Center (at any moment) their intention to hire people with specific qualifications.

The Center, having these data recorded is capable of providing information and to bring together the businesses and the interested parties for employment. Special programs have also been developed by our company for the management and the statistics of the collected data.

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