Management & Information Technologies
34a Averof str. 142-32 Nea Ionia, Athens, Attica
Tel. +30-1-2184565, 2184568-9, Fax. 2184560

M.I.T. SA was founded in 1989 having as objectives the rendering of consultant and training services and the development of high level Information Systems. To support these services, it established the MIT Group of companies, which includes, besides MIT SA, the following companies: ACTIVE LTD- Business Automation, DAPL c.s.LTD- Marketing of Information Systems, ENERSYS LTD- Studies, Local and Regional development.

Our company recently started to become active in the Internet by planning, constructing and maintaining pages of content and Web Sites. A sample of this work is the Server (Mit net) on which you are at this moment.

In our pages you are going to be informed on matters regarding:

*Studies - Evaluations - Regional and Developmental programs
Preparation of studies, evaluation of business plans and of special investments under the developmental law 2234/94
*Multimedia applications and Distance learning systems
Design and development of educational titles and Information kiosks using Multimedia technologies, use of the Internet in order to implement Distance Learning Systems
*Automation of Local Government Organizations
Design and development of Automation Systems to cover the Management and Economic needs of the Local Authorities
*Automation of Vocational Information Centers
Design and development of support Automation Systems for the Vocational Information Centers

Coming soon

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