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Structural Development

The objective of this Measure is to develop support structures for the target group.

The activities of this Measure includes:
Creation and running of multi-purpose Information and Support Centres for Repatriated Greeks which aim at:
information, support, search of the Labour Market, close co-operation with employers, educational, cultural and social activities, public awareness, networking.
After project training target group members themselves have been hired to staff the Centres.
The first main Centre had already been set up in Acharnes (Attica Prefecture) as Information and Support Centre for Repatriated 'EFXINI POLI'. This Centre has been officially approved as a Support Institution and participates in the national programme against social exclusion.(ESF)

New Centres of the same type established in other areas where the project is being implemented (Alexandroupoli, Veria, Nea Ionia Magnesia, Ano Liossia) with co-operation from our local partners.

All these Centres are networked to each other, thereby allowing them the most of the data bases which have been established meet the information needs of the Repatriated Greeks.

The Measure's other activities have been designed with the following in mind: registration of the target group, identification of future employers and development of telematic networks.

The new centers existed on the map are going to be created to the next INTEGRA project.

National PartnersPromoting Employment
Vocational TrainingDissemination - Information

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