Greek National Program

Within the framework of the European Initiative 'EMPLOYMENT' - HORIZON which is intended to develop support structures, vocational skills and promote stable employment for disadvantaged groups, the basic target group consists primarily of Immigrants and Repatriated Greeks( specially those from former -Soviet Union ).

This specific group suffers from several distinct types of exclusion because subjective and objective factors are barriers to their integration both in the Labour Market and the Community.
These factors are closely related to:

  • their limited knowledge of the Greek language,
  • unemployment or underemployment,
  • the current limited official structure,
  • social prejudice, 'stigmatisation' and marginalisation by the community.

Our new type of intervention is based on the belief that the target group?s problems are interrelated and includes activities addressed not only to the target group but also to the whole community.
Our basic objectives are: social integration and equal participation of the target group in the community.
The involvement of a large number of national and local partners and the target group itself ensures high-potential intervention across many levels and offers greater chances for effective results.
Co-operation with other European Institutions (Trans-national Partnership) widens the perspective by exchanging experiences, information and new ideas at European level and offers greater guarantees of effective activity.

National Partners
Structural Development
Promoting Employment
Vocational Training
Dissemination - Information

Dissemination - Information

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